Model 400P

Small enough to fit 5th wheels, towables and propane-equipped motorhomes. Powerful enough for family comfort.

The 400P is propane-fueled and equipped with an AC electric heating element. This single unit delivers quiet, even, draft-free heat circulation, plus a constant flow of hot water. It’s a level of comfort multiple system installations don’t approach.


  • Interior Heating
    • 5 Separate Thermostatic Heating Zones
    • 2 Zone Heating Circulation Loops
    • Up To 8 Aqua‐Hot Cozy Heat Exchangers
    • Bay Heating
    • Electronic Controllers
    • 65,600 Btu/hr Maximum Output
      • Continuous on-demand hot water
      • Quiet, clean, even, moist interior heat
      • Adds thousands of dollars to the value of an RV
      • Two sources of energy for heating comfort
        • Uses AC shore power for light-duty heating and hot water use
        • Uses LP fuel for heating in colder temperatures and continuous hot water
  • Domestic Hot Water
    • Water Temp and Flow Rate  – 110⁰ – 120⁰ @ 1.5 GPM
    • Water Availability – 90 Gallons/Hour
    • Recovery Time – Zero
  • Fuel Consumption – Average Per Day*
    • Dry Camping – 1G-2G/3.8 – 7.5l
    • With Electricity Available – 1G-3G/3.8 – 11.4l

*  Extreme cold temperatures will increase fuel use

  • Electrical Requirements
    • Heating Element – 120V/1650W
    • Max DC Amp Draw (Starting) – 120V/20A
    • Operating DC Amp Draw/Hour – 7A

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