Aqua-Hot & Hydro-Hot Systems Tanks

We offer New and Refurbished/Rebuilt Aqua-Hot & Hydro-Hot Systems & Tanks for all models. Cores are accepted for exchange.

Why to consider a Refurbished/Rebuilt Aqua-Hot & Hydro-Hot System?

 – Lower Replacement Cost

 – 1 Year Warranty

– Rebuilt Burner and Pumps

– Parts are replaced as needed

– Easier Installation, Plug & Play

– Amazing Quality and Quick Turn-Around

 –  Rebuilt by the ONLY Official Aqua-Hot Factory Authorized Remanufacturing Center, John, former employee of Aqua-Hot! Need more reinsurance? Just ask Aqua-Hot Heating Systems Inc at 303-651-5500

 – Tanks that are sold separately can lower cost even more if you are willing to do your own work

Warranty Includes:
Rebuilt Tank – 6 Months | New Tank – 1 Year
Rebuilt System – 1 Year | New System – 2 Years

More Information

– Aqua-Hot Heating Systems has only allowed 1 official authorized remanufacturing center and that is us! Need more reinsurance? Just ask Aqua-Hot Heating Systems Inc at 303-651-5500

– John worked for Aqua-Hot Heating Systems for 9 years with over 24 years of experience. For more Information, Click Here

– We pride ourselves on making a beautifully running systems with eye catching features and to be there for any troubleshooting.

– Our refurbished/rebuilt Aqua-Hot & Hydro-Hot systems includes a new serial number, replaced components, rebuilt burner, rebuilt pumps, and a rebuilt tank that has been cleaned or a new tank, depending on purchase.

– Once the system is built and completed, they are quality checked and tested to run at factory recommendations.

– Our refurbished/rebuilt Aqua-Hot & Hydro-Hot systems are to fit original equipment manufacturer (OEM), unlike the new heaters that require modifications to be installed properly.

– Warranty: our Rebuilt Tanks have a 6 months warranty, our Rebuilt Systems have a 1 year warranty, our New Tanks have a 1 year warranty and the New Systems have a 2 year warranty.

Rebuilt Aqua-Hot System (AHE-100-03S)

Rebuilt Hydro-Hot Tank (HHE-200-09E)

New Aqua-Hot Tank (AHE-100-02S)